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Welcome to VacuMiT

VacuMIT offers vacuum packaging units that range from small tabletop machines to standalone devices all the way to double-chamber.
VacuMIT especially recommends its EST 20 and EST 40with the centered extension especially for packing game and poultry legs as well as large game pieces.
The easy-to-use device has an automatic oil regeneration program. Its improved electronics ensure that the optimal oil quality is always present during the interval. The vacuum packaging machine is easy to clean; for hygiene reasons, the machines are so construced that the sealing bar so that it can be removed with one hand motion. The lift box was planned so that no electric cord is needed. Easy-to-reach access point simply what little maintenance the machine needs, according to VacuMIT. All wearing parts such as Teflon belts, heating wires and lid gaskets can be easily replaced. Even oil changes are rapid.
All VacuMIT vacuum packaging machines can be equipped with a gas flush device and the models feature a stainless housing and are equipped with a stainless steel chamber and high-performance pump.
VacuMIT has two series of machine type. The standard machines with a patented vacuum detection (no time controls) and the LS series with Touch Panel.
Tel: 09471 950 660   Fax: 09471 950661
Mail: info@vacumit.com
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