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Which advantages has the use of vacuumpacking machines?

 At first we would like to answer the question, why the prolongation of the    freshness of food works so excellently, when packing vacuum:
The consideration is based on the    functional principle of having an effect from bacteria to Food, here especially    meat and fish products. In principle  we are distinguishing here between Aeroben and Aneroben as bacteria. Aneroben  (for examble Lactobacillus), can be described as desired bacteria, as they  are triggering the maturation of the meat. Meat consists of connective tissue  and muscle meat. Enzymes and Lactobacillus change the protein structure of  the meat, that means the strings of the meat is broken open and the meat is  through this more softly. Aeroben (for examble Pneudomanades) are unwanted  bacteria as they are responible for smearing formation and as a reult for the  ruin of the meat. The recipe for success of vacuum packing lies in the fact  that Anerobes, with all the positiv characteristics do not need oxygen but  Aerobs with the negative characteristics are dependened on oxygen playing a  part. Therefore it is also important that we generate an as high as possible  vacuum at such products, witch means to eleminate oxygen best possibly. The  store temperature also has by the way an influence on the work of the unwanted  Aerobes, therefore also vacuum packed goods should be stored in the refrigerator  or cold-storage depot. As oxygen is also to bring in connection at all other  food for becoming ruion, mostly in the form of a reduction, there is almost  no food it´s durability cannot be improved fundamentally by vacuum packing.
Therefore the advantages of vacuum packing lie on the hand: Food remains longer  Fresh and meat ripens in the vacuum without weight loss and as a matter of  fact in the kitchen must fundamentally less being thrown away
A modern vacuum packing machine should fulfill the following prerequisites:
Simple handling -- , since often unskilled staff works on the machine
 The machine should have so-called sensor technology, is D. h. to adjust --
 An evacuating time but direct not the desired vacuum or as mostly
 The desired, the maximum vacuum, this the machine then independent for
 Find predominant cycle out just must. This takes safety for this one, since
 It can sure of users be to have caused the at most possible vacuum and
 Furthermore also valuable the time and therefore money save, since on the other  hand flat
 Only machine in such a way runs necessarily the is like it for a long time.
 It should be taken care -- , that it is to clean the machine easily and //sowohl//
 The Ummantelung and is the vacuum chamber manufactured of high-grade steel.
 The vacuum pump is the "heart" of a vacuum machine and should therefore  --
 Pumps know sucking fortune be not Unterdimensioniert -- under 20 m ³/H
 Being overtaxed duration application.
VacuMIT offers the complete pallet to vacuum packing machines, starts with  this With little table models and suffices
 to to to double chamber machines.
VacuMIT has which one introduced a new product row, special on this a year  ago It got collimated to take all knowledge mentioned above and requirements  into account. It is machines and with very strong pumps in proportion to the  chamber size Therefore is traditionally very robust. The machines are and manufactured  completely of high-grade steel Z very easy to clean, there . B in the vacuum  chamber no air bag and no wiring To find more is. Every customer can carry  out the exchange of consumable parts So that an expensive service is dropped  for the rule. The new product row also is however Everything on reason of the  new machines control very successful. This is but simple too Uses, offers however  all conceivable comfort and process safety alone understandably This control  of the sensor technology makes use and for every packing cycle investigates  The oriented vacuum in the optimal unit length.
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